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About Us

With our years of existence and Operations dealing with Transaction difficulties our priority mostly is to provide our Client all required proper Documentations to ensure Banking transaction are easier and successful within International law.

The Anti-Money Laundry (AML) Consultant Services was formed and established in 1996 and during our establishment we provided wide range of Co-operate Transaction documentation regularization for Individual and Companies. The (AML) Consultant Services is committed to making a difference, in its business and in the communities it calls Proper Documentations for Good , Genuine and Transparent transactions. We assist Individuals and Companies to secure all required Banking Documentations through Central Bank of Hong Kong , Central Bank of Luxembourg, Central Bank of Canada etc.  For generations, our company and our employees have worked together to make the Individual and Companies Banking transaction easier  where we live and work healthier, stronger, and more vibrant in Financial Documentations matters.

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